What you need to know about our LED EMCOD MLE Transformers / Drivers

EMCOD MLE Tape Strip Light TransformerWe have been supplying transformers and drivers for LED tape and strip lights to professionals for years. The old standby has been the popular magnetic transformer in AC and DC in both 12volt and 24volt. We will say that the DC has been the most common about two to one. Professionals have been using these for years with great success and when using a magnetic approved dimmer have achieved some impressive results. We plan to keep stocking the magnetic for years.

Now as technology changes the LED strip tape light manufacturers have been upping their game. And so have we. The new LED strip and tape light products are coming out with higher performance and the expected dimming on these must be smooth and complete, offering the best dimming curve possible. We have the transformer driver to meet these demands and we would love to work with you on your projects.

Check out our full offering as we have a number of approved and tested dimmers from a number of manufactures that work perfect.

Warm White LED Tape LightHere is what you need to know today:

  • Constant voltage output
  • Full range of available wattages
  • Compatible with Forward phase, Reverse phase, Triac, MLV, ELV Dimmers
  • Cooling by free air convection
  • Flicker-free dimming
  • Dry and damp location
  • cULus Listed, Class 2 on 96W per circuit and below
  • Power Factor of 0.95
  • Driver dims from 1%-100% on compatible controls.
    Tested Compatibel Dimmers
    Forward Phase
    • Lutron Skylark® C.L: SCL-153PR-WH**
    • Lutron Diva® C.L: DVCL-153PR-WH**
    • Lutron Diva® C.L: DVWCL-153PH-LA**
    • Lutron Skylark® Contour C.L: CTCL-153PDH-LA**
    • Lutron Toggler CL®: TGCL-153PR-WH**
    • Lutron Toggler CL®: TGCL-153PH-WH**
    • Lutron Skylark® Contour C.L: CT-600PR-IV
    • Lutron Skylark® Contour C.L: CT-600PR-WH
    • Red LED Tape LightLutron Diva®: DV-600PR-BL
    • Lutron Diva®: DV-600PR-WH
    • Lutron Toggler®: TG-600PR-LA
    • Lutron Toggler®: TG-600PR-IV
    • Lutron Toggler®: TG-600PR-WH
    • Lutron Toggler®: TG-10PR-WH
    • Lutron Skylark®: S-600PR-WH
    • Lutron Maestro®: MRF2-6ND-120-AL
    • Lutron Nova T*®: NTLV-600-277-WH
    • Lutron Nova T*®: NTF-10-277
    • Leviton True Touch™ : TTI06-1LZ
    • Leviton : 6602
    Reverse Phase
    • Lutron Maestro®: MSCELV-600M
    • Lutron Maestro®: MEF2-6ELV-WH
    • Leviton Renoir™ II: AWSMT-EAW
    • Leviton Renoir™ II: AWSMT-EAW (277V)
  • Driver is designed for use with forward phase, leading edge, MLV, Triac, reverse phase, trailing edge and ELV Dimmers.

The tape light manufacturers rarely collaborate with anyone on their new product development so this transformer group was designed to work with older LED tape light styles and 99% of all the new LED High output tape light products. We always recommend to our professional Installers to bench test anytime a LED Tape product changes to insure it will work with the transformer and dimmer before you install in the clients home. This will insure compatibility and eliminate "call-backs". Always install with approved methods and NEC standards to avoid non-passive failure.

EMCOD MLE led drivers transformersWe are thrilled with the quality and reliability of these EMCOD transformers and drivers. The constant voltage output flicker rate of the MLE series is 400Hz-500Hz, providing a much better quality light output compared to the older magnetic LED hybrid driver that provides a flicker rate of about 50Hz-to 100Hz. The improved dimming quality and wide range of dimming compatibility solves a multitude of issues with older dimmable driver technology currently on the market. The housing of the MLE was designed to be as compact and slim as possible without hindering the ease of installation. See the specifications on this product as well as the factory wiring page included below with each of our drivers.

The MLE transformer is the go-to transformer for our professionals that insist on the best product that gets the job done without issues and drama.
Affordable, stable, reliable and repeatable makes this our #1 choice for LED tape and strip light transformers.

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