Below is a list of known compatible dimmers for our EMCOD Electronic LED Tape Strip Transformers / Drivers MLE and ECV Series Units

  • Lutron Skylark® C.L: SCL-153PR-WH
  • Lutron Diva® C.L: DVCL-153PR-WH
  • Lutron Diva® C.L: DVWCL-153PH-LA
  • Lutron Skylark® Contour C.L: CTCL-153PDH-LA
  • Lutron Toggler CL®: TGCL-153PR-WH
  • Lutron Toggler CL®: TGCL-153PH-WH
  • Lutron Skylark® Contour C.L: CT-600PR-IV
  • Lutron Skylark® Contour C.L: CT-600PR-WH
  • Lutron Diva®: DV-600PR-BL
  • Lutron Diva®: DV-600PR-WH
  • Lutron Toggler®: TG-600PR-LA
  • Lutron Toggler®: TG-600PR-IV
  • Lutron Toggler®: TG-600PR-WH
  • Lutron Toggler®: TG-10PR-WH
  • Lutron Skylark®: S-600PR-WH
  • Lutron Maestro®: MRF2-6ND-120-AL
  • Lutron Nova T*®: NTLV-600-277-WH
  • Lutron Nova T*®: NTF-10-277
  • Leviton True Touch™ : TTI06-1LZ
  • Leviton : 6602
  • Lutron Maestro®: MSCELV-600M
  • Lutron Maestro®: MEF2-6ELV-WH
  • Leviton Renoir™ II: AWSMT-EAW
  • Leviton Renoir™ II: AWSMT-EAW (277V)